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Enjoy your vacation with the outdoor adventures that lie in the heart of Hot Springs Arkansas. There's so much to see and enjoy. Experience the wonderful things around your luxurious stay at Hotel Hale. 

Hot Springs National Park

The attraction of this park is not geysers nor glaciers, but bubbling waters. This historic park brings in over one million visitors a year, even with it being the smallest of our national parks. According to Native American legends, these springs held a great spirit who heated the water with his breath. It was referred to as the Valley of Vapors, which they considered to be a very sacred place.

Magic Springs Theme and Water Park

This park includes an amusement park and water park in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Park passes include access to both parks for the day. The water park, named Crystal Falls, features tube slides, racing slides and the Boogie Blast surf pool. While utilizing the water park cabana rentals are also available. The theme park includes the world famous X-coaster, in fact this ride is the first of its kind in the nation. Without strapping in your shoulders, the body will experience an inversion thrill like no other. Magic Springs also consists of a concert theater that is home to multiple summer concerts. Concerts are free to those with a day pass as well as season pass holders. Visit their site to see upcoming events.

Garvan Woodland Gardens

Founded by Verna Cook Garvan and originally cared for by her as her own garden. Mrs. Garvan throughout forty years of her live planted thousands of shrubs and plants, caring for each of them. Upon the death of Mrs Garvan bequeathed the property to the Department of Landscape Architecture. It has been preserved as a memory of the beauty she created and an opportunity to teach current and future generations of the majestic plant life this world has to offer. The gardens offer guided tours as and allow visitors all year round. Visit their website to plan your next visit to the Garvan Woodlands Gardens.

Mid-America Science Museum

The Mid-American Science Museum is hands-on science museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The museum consists of over one hundred interactive exhibits for children and adults. Get up close learning about Nikola Tesla illustrated in presentations and live displays in the Tesla Theater. This museum has a section called The Marvelous Motion Gallery where guests can get a hands-on opportunity with exhibits like vertical wave machine, loopy lasso, sand pendulum and many more. There are many educators that offer fun tinkering activities for all ages. The Mid-American Science Museum allows for a safe learning environment and opportunity to learn science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

Hot Springs Mountain Tower

There is some interesting history to this tower, initially built in 1877 named the Woolman Observatory was removed and rebuilt as Rix Tower until 1971. In 1983 the two-hundred sixteen foot tall tower was opened to the public during the Arkansas Fun Festival. Now named The Hot Springs Mountain Tower has an open-air top deck at the elevation of 1,256 feet above sea level. There is also a lower deck that is enclosed and climate controlled exhibiting the history of the local area and parks. While at the top deck of the tower you can 140 square miles of countryside around. At the base of the tower you will also find a gift store for product purchasing.
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