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Hot Springs National Park

  Hot Springs National Park is an American national park located central to Garland County, Arkansas. This park was technically established prior to the actual term national park existed. Hot Springs National Park was the first time the federal government has set aside land for public recreational use.  They believed the hot spring water possessed properties of medicine for centuries by the Native American people.  It is said to have been used by indigenous people for thousands of years prior to European Americans appropriated the springs.

       The springs were used as therapeutic baths and treating ailments. Many visitors came from all over the nation, known as the American Spa. The wealthy were common visitors to this area to utilize the hot springs, but it was also attracting indigent health seekers.

       Many of the current hotels and bed and breakfast locations in Hot Springs, Arkansas are using and plumbed to provide the hot springs water. A current flow of over half a million gallons of water per day is provided by these natural springs. A great place to stay with the plumbing of the hot springs is Hotel Hale, be sure to check them out.

Hot Springs National Park consists of multiple mountains with hot springs nearby. Hot Springs Mountain, North Mountain, West Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, and Whittington Lake Park are all part of the National Park.

       Unlike the majority of national parks, Hot Springs National Park comprises the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas and many of the historical elements exhibited within. Bathhouse Row consists of historic bathhouses along with the park's administration building. The architecture styles of these buildings are a large part of the history of this national gem.

       In addition to the notorious bathhouses, there are many interesting museums within Hot Springs.  Some of the notable museums that would be worth a visit are Mid-America Science MuseumMaxwell Blades Odditorium & Curiosity Museum, and The Gangster Museum of America.